Xinxiang Kolanky Technical Co., Ltd.
Main categories: Phos Copper Brazing Alloy/Phos Copper Silver Brazing Alloy/Silver Copper Zinc Brazing Alloy/Brass Brazing Alloy/Brazing Ring/Brazing Strip/Capillary Tube/Aluminum Based Brazing Alloy/Copper Aluminum Brazing Alloy/Welding Flux/Master Alloys
Theme PromotionXinxiang Qixing Welding Material Co., Ltd.
Xinxiang Qixing Welding Material Co., Ltd. started in the 1980’s, we are the famous Chinese professional company, which are specialized in research development and sale brazing materials, we are the member of China Welding Association and Henan Welding Professional Committee Syndic Unit. Our company is located in the middle of China, factory area is 20000 square meters, including more than 9000 square meters workshop
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